Edgefield Secondary Opening Ceremony Review

Edgefield Secondary School at Punggol had their official opening today.  I had the honour to attend their opening ceremony that lasted from 4 – 6pm. The opening ceremony was a spectacle, although it had some flaws (Edgefield Secondary is a young school after all). The official opening can be looked at from 3 aspects: Concept, Execution & Spirit.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


I loved their concept. The concept of the official opening seemed to be about getting as many Edgefield students as possible to be involved; to let the students own the official opening of their school. The students were roped in to design the Souvenir Bag and to make the souvenir plagues, which were given out to parents during the opening ceremony. Every student also got to perform in front of their parents during the ceremony, either as part of the Taekwondo Performance (all students have to learn Taekwondo in Secondary one) or as part of their own CCA performances. The school’s management is like saying “The official opening of the school is all yours, students!”

In addition, the school song was officially unveiled during the day, the lyrics written by the Principal and the song composed by the teachers.

All in all it’s a one big Edgefield effort.


The execution was decent overall. The flow of the ceremony was smooth. However there were some notable areas for improvement. The student councillors did a good job, ushering parents and attending to our needs. However, we were almost led to the wrong place to watch the opening parade by a bubbly Secondary one student councillor. May be they could have been briefed better in that regard.  Also, I was left wondering if there were any contingency plans for the seating of the parents if it rains during the parade, as we were seated in the open throughout the parade without any shelter above us. It started to drizzle mid-way through the parade, with some parents having to open their own umbrellas. My suggestion is that they can spend a bit more to provide 2 more additional tents, since they provided one for the VIP sitting area. Other than those two incidents, the rest of the opening ceremony was fine. Refreshments served for the parents were sufficient and of decent quality.


Although there might have been flaws in the execution, there was one positive that really stood out – Spirit. Every single one, from students to teachers, involved in the Opening Ceremony showed great spirit in all they did. You could sense the pride they have in their school; they wanted to show that their school was great. It could have been bit better though, if the Taekwondo performers could show more gusto in their actions.

Nonetheless, it was a great Official Opening of Edgefield Secondary School. Congratulations to all Edgefielders and all the best!

Dated: 12 July 2013


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