Nakhon Kitchen Review


Nakhon Kitchen, which started its first outlet at Kovan, has grown in popularity over the last few years. Staying around the same area, I have tried the food there for 3 times on different occasions. I can vouch that the standard of the food has remained consistent.

The must-tries at Nakhon Kitchen are: Pandan Leaf Chicken, Tom Yam Soup and Fried pork with garlic. The Pandan Leaf Chicken is a good appetizer to start your meal with; the chicken meat is still succulent despite it being barbequed and has that subtle Pandan fragrance. The Tom Yam Soup has the sweetness that is quite close to what you will taste if you were to taste original Thai food. However, it can be a bit too spicy. If you want to go for a milder option, you can also order the Tom Ka Soup (Tom yam soup with coconut milk).

One food to avoid at Nakhon Kitchen is their Thai Curry. I have tried all their different types of curry, such as green curry and jungle curry. I must say that their curry have been disappointing. They either taste too bland, like the green curry, or they taste too spicy such that the whole taste of the curry is lost, like the jungle curry.

Those looking for dessert at Nakhon can try their Red Ruby. It is not too sweet and is a good option to conclude your meal with.

Dated: 13 July 2013

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