Two Cardinal Principles

From today onwards, Christmas of 2013, I hereby declare that I shall live by these two cardinal principles:

1. Honesty is the best policy
2. If I feel/think that something is not right, change it. 

I know that it will be tough trying to live by these two principles at the beginning, but I shall persevere with them and see how my life will turn out. I shall believe in these two principles; that they will help guide my life to a better path; that I will become a better person. 

I do not know when it began to be the case that I thought lying was not such a wrong thing after all, since reality and life is grey. I began to think that lying to get what you want may be a good thing to do. Hence, I seemed to have begun telling untruths. But recently I began to realise that thought is silly; that I cannot allow myself to lie even more. It’s time to get back down to my values and roots and live honestly once again. It may be tough, but I shall enforce this principle of honesty.

I realised that one of my biggest weakness is that I am passive – passive to the extent where by although I know that something is not right, that the outcome is going to be negative, I will tend to just sit back and do nothing to make things better. It’s time for me to change this aspect of myself. Knowing and seeing things as inadequate and not right and not do anything to change shall no longer be acceptable to me. No, it must not. This means I have to take action; I have to speak up more; more willing to engage in arguments (not quarrels); more willing to stand firm on my point and persuade. Simply put, it will be out of my comfort zone. But I have to change.

So I shall embark on this test. At least from now till the end of the next semester. I shall live by these two cardinal principles and see how it goes. At least now I know how I shall live these coming months. Now I shall think about the what and why to live for these coming months, years and beyond.